ID: 500044
31 500 000 CZK


31 500 000 CZK
ID: 500044

Hunting lodge for sale

Layout: 5+2
Size: 470m²
Property type: House

About the property

In the middle of the woods, far from the cities and villages, light pollution&noise, we find the building of a hunting lodge. The distinctive building is situated in a clearing, at the intersection of seven forest paths lined along its length with tall trees. This is where the catle got his name - Alley.

The history of the chateau for sale began in 1815, when the romantic idea of Count Eduardo Collato began to materialize and construction began. It served its original purpose as a hunting lodge in the middle of the Brtnice estate for 128 years. During the hunting season, all members of the di Collalto e San Salvatore family stayed there for several generations. Its construction significantly expanded the family's property and was the last important building built for them.

In 1945 the castle was nationalised and converted into a recreation centre for artists, and the grounds were supplemented by other recreational buildings. In an effort by the current owner, the surrounding land forming a clearing was returned to the chateau, and the building was kept in working order. The roof trusses were repaired and new roofing was laid.

The building of the castle is viewed as a cultural monument, but it is ready to serve a new purpose, and the possibilities of use are really wide.


More information

Balcony/ terrace: 10 sqm
Cellar: Yes
Plot area: 30690 sqm
Floor: 3
Energy label: G

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