Services for developers

Comprehensive Services for the Realisation of New Houses and Flats in Prague

Are you interested in independent consultation about the options for your project? Do you want to appreciate your investment in new flats and houses in Prague as effectively as possible? Do you need expert advice on the composition of houses/flats, their standard fittings and fixtures, the optimum distribution of sale price in accordance with individual flats’ quality? Then you’ll certainly be interested in our services.

We provide comprehensive services for the realisation of new houses and flats in Prague - from a basic assessment of your project’s market position to a comprehensive partnership for its realisation, sale and client financing. We provide these services not only to our current long-term partners, but we are also ready to offer them to investors who are preparing a new residential project. As a part of our contractual terms, you will obtain clear and pre-defined co-operation parameters.

Realitní kancelář LEXXUS a.s. has been active on the residential properties market since the 1990s, making us one of the most experienced real estate agencies in Prague. In more than twenty years of working for developers, we have built a deep knowledge of the market in new flats and houses, a good position, a professional team and all the tools to ensure the successful sale of your project. We are aware of the fact that each development project should meet standard measures of development risks and profitability. And that, among other things, is the added value of LEXXUS a.s.—the use of our knowledge and skills to optimise our developers’ projects and their sale.

Sale of Flats and Houses in Prague - Professionally and Reliably

We are experts in selling flats and houses in Prague - a significant benefit of working with us is not only our ability to optimise project saleability at the preparation stage of construction, but also to minimise costs, as well as accumulated demand—including unsatisfied demand from our other projects.

Since its foundation, our company has become a synonym for trust, seriousness and an extensive, high-quality range of new flats and houses. Our specialisation in residential projects enables us to analyse the market, the level of demand and supply in a given location and, in co-operation with our sales activities, to thereby monitor the market in new residential projects, which we have been doing since 2000.

Market Research and Reporting

Realitní kancelář LEXXUS a.s. is an outstanding source of information about the residential market in new flats and houses and its trends. Our expert studies and analyses of development projects serve both developers for optimisation of their projects and financing banks for an assessment of the security of investments.

Preparation of Projects for New Flats and Houses

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of demand for flats and houses in Prague, we can maximise your project’s efficiency. This concerns the composition of flats, their standard fittings and fixtures, the optimum distribution of sale price according to the quality of individual flats and many other aspects.

Marketing and Sale of Flats and Houses in Prague

We supplement the developer’s advertising campaign for the sale of flats and houses in Prague with our own marketing (internal and external media from real estate servers, own web presentation, printed advertisements, PR and outdoor to presentation in our own sales centre). We go through the whole sale process with interested parties, right up to the stage when the purchase contract is signed.

Services for Investors and Developers from A to Z

Our basic range of services for investors and developers includes:

  1. Project preparation:
    • Analysis of demand and supply of new flats in Prague
    • Proposal of sizes and composition of flats in the project
    • Assessment of the project, floor plans of flats
    • Assessment/proposal of standard fittings and fixtures
    • Proposal of average price, or detailed pricelist for flats
    • Additional services
    • Consulting
  2. Assistance with preparation of sale documents, definition of sales strategy
  3. Management of the sale of flats and non-residential units in Prague and the surrounding area
  4. Reporting results and marketing response

Contact details:

Ing. Arch. Ondřej Diblík, Research specialist
tel.:+420 221 111 999

Mgr. Peter Višňovský, Director
tel.:+420 221 111 999

Jakub Sedmihradský, Residential Development Consultant
tel.:+420 221 111 999


Partners with whom we have been working over the long term include the following developers: