LEXXUS Architect

The LEXXUS estate agency presents a new service: LEXXUS Architect – have your apartment designed by professionals

When modernising or furnishing a new building or older property we place great emphasis on quality modernisation work, in which we can invest without worrying. Most of all, however, we will be surrounded every day by the environment of a new or altered apartment and here we often forget that turning to experts means less worries, a well-designed appearance and a practical solution from professionals who have many years of experience. Relying on experts works out well for us if we plan to hand an apartment over for sale or have development ambitions. Apartments in Prague, in particular, have a lot of competition from development projects and it is necessary to offer the best.

If you furnish a property yourself, it will require a lot of running around, worries and time, so we recommend you contact LEXXUS and make use of the services of the LEXXUS Architect, which are offered in cooperation with the leading Czech interior architect Ing. Arch. Anna Lácová. You can set this service up precisely in accordance with your financial options and needs for further consultation. For modernisation and larger alterations to an apartment you will appreciate help with standard fittings and fixtures for an apartment that includes the selection of flooring, doors, tiling and panelling, a confirmation of the choice of sanitary ceramics, as well as switches and sockets, which together provide a perfect design appearance. In one day your choice will be clear, under the supervision of a professional who is a leader among Czech designers.

In the event you need help with the drafting of an architectural study for the layout of an apartment, a professional’s opinion and help will be all the more important. The LEXXUS Architect will arrange a proposal for alterations and basic furnishing of space. It is not important whether you are merging two apartments into one, dividing one apartment into two or only making layout changes as a part of one unit, the price is the same for all these options.

For the comprehensive drafting of an architectural study and interior design a turnkey solution is an ideal variant that contains everything you will need for an interior solution, a proposal for furnishing, layout alterations, a design for the kitchen, bathroom and toilet, a material solution together with the selection of colours and a basic design for lighting that is very important and is often neglected. For a surcharge it is possible to have a 3D visualisation made, with the help of which you can perfectly imagine all future changes. Another option is implementation documentation that contains finalisation of the interior solution, including a document for the selection of contactors, specification of materials and individual items for the interior design and accessories, including textiles. We can also help with atypical elements and furniture, lighting and furnishings for the bathroom and toilet.

Entrust your new apartment to the hands of professionals, this competitively-priced investment will pay off handsomely in terms of comfortable and practical housing, which will be harmonised in terms of design and will correspond to modern trends and your requests. Furnishing an apartment is a long-term matter and deserves the care that the LEXXUS Architect can provide in the highest quality.